Enrichment, Extension & Support

A team of qualified and highly experienced staff serve the needs of our students and liaise with parents to ensure the best outcomes. Our dedicated staff are devoted to making a difference in the lives of their students.

Acceleration and Extension

The Senior School offers an array of opportunities for students to extend themselves in their particular area of giftedness. These opportunities are designed to cater for each group of students and are adapted as new areas of talent are identified. Academic streaming and extension courses are provided for students in English, Mathematics, History and Music.

Students who demonstrate exceptional academic strengths are accelerated in Mathematics and complete their HSC exams in this subject early. This allows them to take on the more challenging Mathematics Extension 2 course without increasing their overall load in their HSC year. They also have opportunities to undertake university level courses.

Our School provides strong and varied creative and performing arts programs in which students can develop their talents and, if desired, build on this firm foundation to pursue a career in the arts.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is an enriching self-development program for young people aged 14-25. The program aims to develop confident young adults with community awareness on both a local and global level. Participants design their own unique programs reflecting their interests, abilities and passions. The program is entirely optional and offered through Senior School.

Learning Support

Flexibility and creativity are vital aspects of the dynamic learning support environment at SGCS. Our School offers strong intentional support services to students across every educational stage.

Our Learning Support staff work cooperatively with classroom teachers to modify and differentiate learning experiences to ensure that individual needs are being met. This is combined with one-on-one support as well as small group intensive workshops to build and consolidate specific skills.

We are committed to nurturing every student to ensure they reach their God given potential.