Live and Unplugged

The pandemic put a stop to live music in 2020, so it was a welcome return last week of our annual fixture, Live and Unplugged.

Live and Unplugged is an evening of music and song featuring our talented elective music students of Years 9, 10 and 11. The SGCS Hall is transformed into an intimate setting with lounges, café and bar stye seating and lights and refreshments, creating a moody backdrop for the performers. 

Twenty-one students performed solos or in groups, displaying their talents in a wide range of genres and instruments. Trumpet, trombone, violin, clarinet, piano, voice, saxophone, euphonium and the Chinese Zither featured to a booked-out event.  

The energy, the quality, the discovery of new talent and the simple pleasure of gathering together, made us realise how much we missed the opportunity to experience live music.

Thank you to our musical students and the Creative Arts Team for a wonderful night.