Live and Unplugged

Once a year the SGCS Hall converts into a live music venue with darkened lighting, plump library lounges and coffee tables to evoke a moody atmosphere that is both welcoming and cosy. The gig list swung from pop to rock to jazz and classical, reflecting the wildly diverse tastes and talents of our students.

This year, Live and Unplugged, featured Elective Music students of Year 9 and Year 11 and Music students from the Year 8 Targeted Learning Program.  In a first, the event also featured the SGCS Vocal Ensemble.

Live and Unplugged gives our students the opportunity to perform in a relaxed setting, as if they were actually performing at a commercial live music venue. The event seems to bring out the best in these young creatives, giving them the freedom to perform how they like. The event always features those jaw-dropping moments, when someone’s talent is revealed for the first time. Live and Unplugged 2019 lived up to expectations and more.