SGCS Board

To provide a learning environment where children can achieve their best for the glory of God.

  • Mr James Honor
    Principal and Director
    Board Member since 2000

  • Mr Patrick Benn
    Board Member since 2002
    Appointed Chairman since 2015

  • We are thankful for the opportunities that lie ahead as a school community, to work together to build on the legacy of those generations of parents before us.

    Mr Patrick Benn
    SGCS Board Chairman
  • Mrs Cathrein Douglas
    Board Member since 2013

  • Mr Bruce Hindmarsh
    Board Member since 1995

  • Mrs Kerry Leech
    Board Member 2009-2021

  • Mr Michael Newman
    Board Member since 2008

  • Mr Bruce Stevenson
    Board Member 2006-2021

  • Mr Stephen McKay
    SGCS Business Manager
    Company Secretary since 2009

  • Mr Katherin Cartwright and

    Mr Andrew Combe since 2021