Well Resourced

Year 12 Society and Culture students recently visited the State Library of New South Wales to explore Exemplars of Society and Culture Personal Interest Projects, to gain ideas regarding structuring and final presentation of their own projects. The students were also able to use the reference sections to locate resources that aren’t available online nor at their local library. This was essential for pulling together some of the secondary research needed to complete their projects.

The students worked together looking through the exemplars, before separating into smaller groups or working individually on finding resources they could use. The highlights for the students were seeing how other students from previous years had compiled their research and presented their findings. Relaxing in a local park on a glorious day eating lunch was also a great bonus! The excursion enabled the students to see high quality research, compare their own research and findings with those of other students in similar topics or areas of study, and gain knowledge of the State Library and how it worked.

Report: Mr S. Wimble,  HSIE Subject Coordinator