Infants Sport

Sport is an integral part of our School’s educational program. It aims to expose students to a variety of sports and encourages ownership of lifelong participation in physical activity.

Our Infants physical education programs allow children the opportunity to establish their basic gross motor skills before embarking on a range of team sports.

Physical education, with our dedicated specialist PE teacher, concentrates on learning or improving the fundamental movement skills. Infants students then progress to participating in team sports including hockey, tennis, soccer and cricket. All children participate in an intensive two week swimming program during Term 3 and Term 4.

Children turning eight may participate in the Junior School’s Swimming and Athletics carnivals and have the opportunity to progress through zone and state to national levels of the CSSA sporting programs.

Acquiring proficiency in fundamental movement skills enables children to enjoy a wide range of physical activities and sports, throughout their lives.

Mr Rob Archer – Sports Teacher K-6


Infants students are immersed in our long-standing Sensory Integration Program which links bodies to minds. These daily sessions of simple play, using touch, sight and sound, encourages the advancement of basic neurological development. Children strengthen their motor skills through controlled physical movement activities designed to switch on the brain, increase muscle tone and enrich skills.