From the Principal

A chartered bus transporting our students to the Swimming Carnival on Friday 10 February, had a mechanical failure and subsequently caught fire. All students and staff safely exited the bus without injury. Police and Fire Brigade attended the scene. As a precaution Ambulance Paramedics attended and assessed the children. Afterwards, the students were transported to the Swimming Carnival on a replacement bus.

Our School Counsellors, Mrs Thompson, and Mrs Pyett were present at the Swimming Carnival for our children.

All parents with children at the Swimming Carnival were informed of the incident. 

The incident is now under investigation.

We are grateful that our students and staff are safe. We would like to thank members of the community for their generous offers of assistance to our students and staff during the incident.

Our staff are well equipped to deal with emergencies. I am very pleased with the way our teachers responded to this unexpected incident and the way our students calmly conducted themselves.

Our deepest thanks to the emergency services for rendering assistance and the care demonstrated to our students and staff.

Mr James Honor, Principal