Year 7 Team Building

Year 7 had a wonderful day at the Tops this year! In the morning, students were placed in four groups and completed a range of team-building activities that tested their physical abilities, problem-solving skills and communication skills. Students had a great time facing the challenges of each activity and worked well together in an inclusive and enthusiastic manner.

In the afternoon, each group participated in one of four adventure activities including abseiling, giant swing, vertical cluster,  or high ropes. I was with the abseiling group and it was incredibly encouraging to see students face their fears or push themselves outside of their comfort zone.

A highlight of the day was a game called camouflage that involved students racing to find a hiding spot in the bush whenever this word was called out. They had to be in a place where they could see the instructor, but the instructor couldn’t see them. It brought a lot of fun and laughter to the day, as well as getting some energy out!

Miss Demi Lucas – Middle School Teacher