Live & Unplugged

Any fears of the pandemic eroding musical talent was firmly put to rest when Live & Unplugged returned to the stage last night. The SGCS Hall was transformed into an intimate setting with mood lighting, lounges, café and bar style seating.

Twenty-five elective music students from Years 9, 10 and 11 performed to their best, creating a fabulous event for the audience of parents, family, friends, and staff. The students performed solos or in groups, displaying their talents in a wide range of genres and instruments. Trumpet, trombone, violin, clarinet, piano, voice, saxophone, electric guitar, flute and the Guzheng featured at this booked-out event.   

There was something for everyone, with musicians showcasing classical music, heavy rock, jazz, and pop.

The energy, the quality, the sheer joy of gathering together to experience live music made for a very memorable night.  

Thank you to our musical students, their parents, and the Creative Arts Team for a wonderful night.