Swimming Champions

On Friday 9 February, students competed at the Year 3-6 Swimming Carnival at the Max Parker Pool in Revesby. Congratulations to all students who competed on the day, displaying skill and determination in the pool. Students are also to be congratulated for demonstrating exemplary sportsmanship and positive attitudes. Thanks to everyone who attended to cheer along and encourage our swimmers.

Congratulations to the Year 3-6 Age Champions:

8 Years      Girls      2024     Serena Wu
9 Years      Girls      2024     Emma Gardiner
10 Years    Girls      2024     Talia Wu
11 Years    Girls      2024     Norah Chi
12 Years    Girls      2024     Kimberley Wu
8 Years      Boys     2024      Christopher Huang
9 Years      Boys     2024      Vaughn Cassel
10 Years     Boys     2024     Jasson Wu
11 Years     Boys     2024     Tim Wang
12 Years     Boys     2024     Noah Wibowo

The winning house was Green!

Unfortunately, the Year 7-12 Swimming Carnival was cancelled due to poor weather. However this did not stop the serious swimmers demonstrating some exceptional skills at their modified swimming carnival held after the Year 3-6 Swimming Carnival on Friday 9 February.

Congratulations to the Year 7-12 Age Champions:

12 Years     Girls     2024     Chloe Fong
13 Years     Girls     2024     Tahlia Nikolovski
14 Years     Girls     2024     Eveleigh Cassel
15 Years     Girls     2024     Neave Neilson
16 Years     Girls     2024     Lucy Cartwright
17 Years     Girls     2024     Keira Neilson
12 Years     Boys     2024     Alfred Huang
13 Years     Boys     2024     Charles Cox
14 Years     Boys     2024     Elliott Lo
15 Years     Boys     2024     Landon Aitken-Ling
16 Years     Boys     2024     Adam Lo
17 Years     Boys     2024     Dominic Lenzo
18 Years     Boys     2024     Xavier O’Shea

The Zone Swimming Carnival is scheduled for Tuesday, 12 March. We wish all students who qualified every success at this event.