Skippers Celebrate Great Results

The National Rope Skipping Championships of Australia took place in Penrith from June 10 to 13. Our team of skippers demonstrated remarkable skills, and there was a strong sense of unity and support among everyone involved. I truly appreciate the tremendous effort and dedication displayed by each individual throughout this weekend. I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the Alumni who generously supported the team, with special recognition for Jackie Maskito, who stepped in to provide coaching and mentorship to our younger skippers.

Congratulations to all our Skippers, their coaches, and supporters.

I had the incredible opportunity of travelling out to Penrith Valley Regional Sports Centre on Monday 12th June, to watch our amazing SGCS Skipping team compete at the National Skipping Championship. These student athletes work extremely hard each week, after school, and it was awesome to see their dedication and persistence pay off on the competition floor. A real highlight was getting to see our Junior and Senior teams compete in the Double Dutch event. Each student displayed exceptional skills, fitness and strength, as they competed against some of the best teams in the country. I look forward to hearing how the team go at the upcoming Worlds Skipping Championship in Colorado.                  

Matthew Cocking Year 10 Adviser/Technologies Teacher

To see the full report including results and photos from Mrs Karen Binns, Jump Rope Coordinator, click here.