Historical Enterprise

Throughout the last two terms, various Stage 5 and 6 History classes have engaged with studies on the Ancient world and the Middle Ages. The James Adams Historic Enterprises demonstrations are an engaging and a tangible way for our students to interact with and appreciate history. The Ancient component of the show was military focused and covered weapons, tactics and armour of Ancient Greece and Rome. This was beneficial as students were able to consider the development, reasoning, and logic behind different fighting styles.

Students also participated in the Medieval component of the show, beginning with an explanation of Viking and Saxon tactics and why knights overcame them, as well as detailed explanations on the evolution of weapons, armour, law, and order. Highlights included student demonstrations throughout the show as volunteers dressed in various types of armour and had the respective advantages and disadvantages demonstrated live. All students were able to participate in handling the various equipment, which was an excellent opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of tangible factors in warfare and the ongoing development of tactics and weaponry.  

Report: Mrs K. Jensen, HSIE and English Teacher