New Zoo New Experience

On Monday, May 22, 2023. Year 7 students had the wonderful opportunity of attending Sydney Zoo at Bungarribee in the Western Sydney Parklands. It was so exciting as not only did students love seeing such a diversity of animals, but for most students, including the teachers, it was their first visit to this new zoo.

Students are studying the topic, Classification, and all participated in a hands-on workshop with a zoo education specialist, learning how and why scientists classify animals. The outdoor classroom with a log timber roof and the sun’s rays shimmering through the gaps, was the most stunning learning space. Touching a snake’s skin and a blue-tongue lizard’s back was incredible!

Students had plenty of time to walk around the zoo accompanied by a teacher. The design of the zoo, featuring wide paths, open large enclosures and raised platforms, gave a sense of being close to the animals and seeing them so brilliantly. The aquarium, with an array of fish including sharks and a turtle, was breathtaking as we watched them swim by. We were awed by the massive crocodile which happened to be right against the enclosure’s window. It reminded us of the respect you must have for this incredibly big and strong animal, and the size of its mouth.

Everyone had a great day which could only bring praise to our wonderful Creator God!

Report: Mr Wilson, SGCS Science Teacher