Learning about Democracy

On Thursday, The Hon. David Coleman MP, Member for Banks, visited our Hurstville Campus to speak with our Year 6 students about the democratic process. Mr Coleman spoke of his involvement with the parliamentary process in debating and forming bills that can become legislation. He provided the students with first-hand accounts of the democratic process and the breadth of his role in supporting the community. Year 6 were highly engaged in his presentation and valued the opportunity to have their questions answered by Mr Coleman.

“Mr. Coleman helped me to understand the daily life of a politician and the types of jobs that MP’s do to represent us in parliament” Ethan L.

“I was surprised to hear that Mr. Coleman spends more time working in his electorate than in Canberra.” Kosta S.

“I thought it was interesting that you don’t need a specific qualification to be a Member of Parliament.” Rachel C.