Wheelchair Sports Roadshow

This week, Brendon Talbott from Wheelchair Sports NSW Roadshow visited our School to give a thought-provoking presentation on risk behaviour, sport for people with a disability, and living with a disability.  

The Wheelchair Roadshow offers a unique and educational program that compliments the courses covered by Year 10 PASS students. During Term 2, our students will explore the unit of study, Physical Activity and Sports for Specific Groups.

The program was innovative, absorbing, and interactive.  Through personal narrative, it gave students an understanding of wheelchair sports and the athletes who play them.

Students participated in a game of Wheelchair Basketball to give them a taste of a wheelchair sport. Whilst they enjoyed the challenge, they well understood the implications that at the end of the session they would be able to leave the wheelchair behind.

Miss Aya Reynolds, PDHPE Teacher said:

The students had a fantastic time experiencing a sport that they would not normally participate in, learning new skills and adapting existing skills to the different circumstances. Our thanks to Brendon and Stephan for providing an outstanding opportunity for our students.