• SGCS Enrichment, Extension & Support

Enrichment, Extension & Support

A team of qualified and highly experienced staff serve the needs of our students and liaise with parents to ensure the best outcomes. Our dedicated staff are devoted to making a difference in the lives of their students.

The Junior School core curriculum is enhanced through specialist educational programs and initiatives.

A team of dedicated Specialist Educators teach programs in Music, Sport, Life Skills and Library. The Life Skills program teaches skills, attitudes and values which contribute to positive relationships and life-giving personal choices. These lessons focus on growth and development, interpersonal skills, safe living and personal health choices. The Christian principles are embedded in the learning process so that students are equipped to become mature, responsible and caring individuals. Parent information sessions are held regularly to inform you of the courses being studied and general information in this area of your child’s development.

Our Pastoral Care program focuses on creating a safe, welcoming community for each student. Transition Programs between Infants and Junior School, and Junior School and Middle School maintain and promote a secure, stable learning environment.

Leadership opportunities promote responsible, caring behaviours by providing a forum to serve others.

New Horizons for High Ability Students

The Kindergarten to Year 5 Enrichment Program seeks to identify and support high achieving students who would benefit from extension in certain academic areas. All students are assessed at the beginning of each year and, along with teacher recommendations, a number of children are selected to take part in the program, in Literacy, Maths or Thinking Skills groups.

Learning Support

Flexibility and creativity are vital aspects of the dynamic learning support environment at SGCS. Our School offers strong intentional support services to students across every educational stage.

Our Learning Support Staff work cooperatively with classroom teachers to modify and differentiate learning experiences to ensure that individual needs are being met. This is combined with one-on-one support as well as small group intensive workshops to build and consolidate specific skills.
We are committed to nurturing every student to ensure they reach their God given potential.