Junior School Sport

Sport is an integral part of our School’s educational program. It aims to expose students to a variety of sports and encourages ownership of lifelong participation in physical activity.

Our Sports program is designed to assist students to develop practical skills for a variety of sports and physical activities and prepare them for an active lifestyle. Weekly sports lessons offer the opportunity to engage in a range of different sport and fitness experiences.

Each week our Junior School students are also involved in several short physical fitness activities as part of our Sensory Integration program. Students benefit from this controlled movement activity before beginning academic tasks. The activity establishes a level of interest and focus which switches on the brain, increases muscle tone and provides skill enrichment.

Students are expected to participate in School sporting events where sportsmanship is encouraged and personal achievement at every level is celebrated.

‘Our desire is that our students will discover the confidence and joy that comes through the challenge of physical activity as they develop sporting skills on an individual and team level.’

Mr Rob Archer – Sports Teacher K-6