Hot Potato

Music students in Years 7 to 10,  in addition to several Year 11 music students, recently participated in a high energy, expressive musical workshop presented by the internationally renowned Hot Potato Band.  

Seven members of the ten strong brass band rocked up to our School with  Sousaphone, Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet, Bass and Snare Drum. The vocalist even brought a megaphone for his singing.    

The Band used their song, “Positive Vibrations” as a case study for arranging a musical performance as well as playing complex music with a large group of people. Through a series of interactive musical games, our students gained an understanding of the skill of arrangement.  

Mrs Amy Canning, SGCS Music Teacher said:  

The Hot Potato Band demonstrated, in an incredibly entertaining way, the power of musical instruments, and how the musician’s performance technique impacts the audience. The workshop was incredibly fun and it was wonderful to see our students engage in a different style of music. At the end of the workshop the students left the hall singing the songs and buzzing from the experience.    

Mrs Emily Turner, Middle School Home Room Teacher added:  

It really inspired our students to use music-making in their everyday lives for expression and enjoyment.