Hot Potato Band

The Hot Potato Band are a dynamic group of musicians who engaged Year 7 and 8 students, and a smattering of senior ensemble students, in big band playing. They taught students how to listen well, perform with passion and precision, and have fun performing in a large group setting. 

The students participated in an interactive workshop, learning about the different ways music can be constructed and performed, even when performing with many musicians and a variety of musical instruments.

The joy and energy of the performances lit the room, and erased any thought that the study of music could ever be boring.

Student testimonials included:

“I enjoyed their enthusiasm and how they explained and answered all the questions. I also enjoyed how upbeat their music was and how it wasn’t boring jazz. I also liked how they engaged with the audience.”

“It was really energetic and just a beautiful atmosphere.”

“I liked how they interacted with the audience. It was very entertaining watching them perform at the end. I also learned how to use a tambourine properly.”