Art Impresses

On Friday 10 March Visual Arts students in Years 11and 12 went to the Art Gallery of NSW (AGNSW) to see the Art Express Exhibition. This was a great opportunity for students to see works created by students in Year 12 across the state and gather inspiration for their own Body of Works.

Students were also given opportunity to visit the new modern addition to the AGNSW, now known as the South Building.

Students were able to be creatively energised by visiting multiple different exhibitions within the AGNSW, both old and new, gaining further insight into a variety of artmaking techniques, along with what successful bodies of works look like for their HSC. Students were inspired by the great masters in the halls of the AGNSW, and then were able to compare these works to a variety of modern works in the new wing.

Students enjoyed the freedom to explore the art gallery, specifically the new wing, interacting with a variety of works of art. Students particularly enjoyed the large installation sculptures in The Tank found on the lower underground level of the new South Building.

Trinity Hokin, Year 12 Creative Arts Prefect said

The excursion to the Art Gallery of NSW was really helpful as it allowed us to see works and concepts we may have never thought of before. It also helped us to see the standards required to achieve a Band 6, allowing us to think of our own BOW.

My favourite exhibits, apart from all the grand old works, were in the new wing and consisted of all the optical illusion art. I liked how with a different perspective, light or viewpoint, the entire meaning of the art piece changed. I also really liked how we could go from exhibit to exhibit and see the difference in ideas and practices between artists and movements, while also being able to view each finished work.

Report: Mrs Villareal, SGCS Visual Arts Teacher