Alumni Spotlight

We love hearing about what our students are up to post-SGCS. This week we welcomed Alumni, Melanie J Saward, back onto campus for a presentation to Parent Connect.

Melanie graduated in 2000. After SGCS, she attended university, worked as a counsellor, became a pastor, moved interstate, and started a family. Recently Melanie has become an author and podcaster. She regularly blogs and has written for Christian websites and has appeared on Australian Christian radio.

Her third book titled, Deep Faith, Resilient Faith: Curing Shallow Christianity was released in October 2022.

During the Parent Connect Meeting, Melanie shared her story, and her personal challenges towards developing a deeply nourishing faith in the modern world. It was an inspiring and encouraging presentation.

Melanie’s book and podcasts are available from her website. Her book is also available from Koorong.