Junior School Sport

The Sport program is a feature of the Junior School with a specialist sport teacher coordinating all sport, PE and carnivals.  The program focuses on teaching skills and practising those skills in a range of sports, games, dance, active lifestyle activities and gymnastics. Sport currently includes T-ball, Gymnastics, Soccer, Cricket, Swimming, Hockey, Cross Country and Athletics.


On three mornings per week each class is involved in a short physical fitness activity which is based on a Sensory Integration program.  Students benefit from this controlled movement activity before beginning academic tasks. The activity establishes a level of interest and focus which switches on the brain, increases muscle tone and provides skill enrichment.


The school is a member of the Christian Schools Sporting Association (CSSA) which allows students the opportunity to compete and represent our school at regional and state CSSA carnivals. 


Our school is also a member of the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) Sports Association.  This ensures that those students who excel in sport have access to competition with other students from both independent and public schools.


The Life Skills teacher conducts one half-hour lesson per week for each class. These lessons focus on growth and development, interpersonal skills, safe living and personal health choices. The Christian principles are embedded in the learning process so that students are equipped to become mature, responsible and caring individuals.  Parent information sessions are held regularly to inform you of the courses being studied and general information in this area of your child’s development.