Young Curators

At the heart of our Hurstville Campus sits a modest heritage listed building, that has been known for many years as The Chapel. As part of the Hurstville Campus Development Project, The Chapel has been reimagined as a gallery space.

For the inaugural exhibition, SGCS approached 3:33 Art Projects to join its Young Curators Program. 3:33 Art Projects, founded by Max and Gabby Germanos, partners secondary schools with leading Australian artists. Our School was partnered with artist Euan Macleod and Dulwich High School of Visual Art and Design (DHSVAD). Students work together in a small group, under the guidance of School staff, to curate an exhibition of the artist’s work. It is a collaborative project giving students the opportunity to learn about creative professions, be inspired by art and art spaces, and develop their skills in a wide range of areas.

Fourteen Year 11 Visual Arts students from SGCS and DHSVAD participated in this innovative, immersive arts program. Over the course of six months, the students spent time with the artist in his studio, learning about his practice and the curatorial process. They visited Macquarie University Art Gallery to experience the Germanos’ personal art collection, King Street Gallery on William to see the latest Euan Macleod exhibition and Clayton Utz Head Office to gain insight into art in a corporate setting.

Curators, artists, and 3:33 Art Projects generously shared their expertise and time. The Young Curators Program has been of immeasurable value not only to our Visual Arts students but to all the staff involved in the initiative.

The exhibition, Euan Macleod, Chasing Light opens in The Chapel Gallery on 1 September – 22 September.