Walking in Your Shoes

As the old saying goes, before we can understand the experiences, challenges and perspectives of someone else, we must first walk a mile in their shoes. Year 6 students had the opportunity to do just this when they welcomed Mr Tariq Kareemi, Refugee Ambassador from the Refugee Council of Australia, to speak to them on Tuesday 5 March.

Mr Kareemi, a refugee from Afghanistan, spoke to Year 6 about his experiences of migrating to Australia in 2010. Students valued hearing his inspiring story of overcoming hardship, loss and uncertainty, with courage and resilience, to find a new life in Australia.

Year 6 listened intently to Mr Kareemi, gaining valuable first-hand insights and a renewed perspective about the experiences of refugees. Mr Kareemi’s story shone a light on the students’ studies in History and English. In History, students are learning about Australia’s rich migration history, refugees’ reasons for migrating and their contribution to Australian society.  In English, students are learning about the ways authors express different perspectives in their writing. 

Further information about Mr Kareemi’s extraordinary story may be found at: – https://www.refugeeweek.org.au/tariq/