Walk on the rough side

Human Wellbeing is a core area of study in the Year 9 Geography course. In early September, Year 9 had the opportunity to investigate homelessness as a wellbeing issue, by undertaking the Urban Exposure Walk around Kings Cross and Darlinghurst. The walk was led by staff and volunteers of Rough Edges, a ministry of St John’s Darlinghurst. 

The Urban Exposure Walk is a program designed to provide insight into urban poverty and the complex issues of inner city living. Guides tell of their own lived experience as they walk with students to important sites within the area. 

Mr Adam He, SGCS HSIE Teacher, explained: 

Students were prompted to consider some of the effects of homelessness, as well as the significant issues associated with intravenous drug use. Our guide explained to our students his own experiences with the Rough Edges Café, a lounge space for homeless people in Darlinghurst and challenged them to consider perspectives different to their own. 

During the afternoon, students visited Barangaroo where they examined various building projects, recreational areas, and First Nations perspectives. These activities reinforced Term 2 learning, on urban renewal, a unit of study within the subject of Geography.