Twilight Instrumentals

There is nothing like Queen to kick off a concert, and when it is followed by the White Stripes, you know you are in for a great night of entertainment.

The opening energetic act featuring Krystal G., Maddison F., and Jordan T. (Year 3) on drums, was followed by a sweet, sharp, piano performance by Jordan L. (Year 3) then Nathan L. (Year 4) on acoustic guitar playing the uplifting song, Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, followed by Grace F. (Year 5) on piano with a stirring rendition of Prelude by Bach.

These 20 minutes of music showcased the variety of musical talent within our student cohort and gave us a taste of things to come in the first of five Twilight Instrumental concerts.

Twilight Instrumentals offers students in Year 3 -10 an opportunity to perform to a live audience in a safe environment, where if they don’t quite sing on cue, the performance can be restarted so the singer is in time with the music. The concert series highlights the musical journey of students from the time they pick up an instrument or take up singing to the point where they become accomplished performers. Our Year 10 musicians, Joshua B., Levi P., Heidi J., and Tiffany D. were outstanding.  

It was heart-warming to see each student give their all, whether they were performing a nursery rhyme or Beethoven, as well as the care shown by their tutors and teachers as they encouraged each individual in their performance. At times it was visibly apparent how some students grew more confident on stage as the song progressed.

There was music for everyone, Rhianna, Maisie Peters, Imagine Dragons, Michael Jackson, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, BB King, and Otis Redding to name a few. Performances in clarinet, flute, piano, acoustic guitar, and voice were all on show. It was a wonderful evening on so many levels.  

 Our next Twilight Instrumental concerts are scheduled for Thursday 23 November.