Twilight Instrumentals

One night, two concerts, sixty-seven performances! Twilight Instrumentals has indeed grown from its humble beginnings in 2013. Those who attended the concert would no doubt agree that the standard of music has also risen to new heights.  

The first song to launch the night contained a promise that we would be moved by what was to come. The promise held true right to the concluding performance by the wonderfully accomplished Lucy Yeung (Year 10) on flute.

In between, there were so many delightful, earnest performances it was truly heart-warming. The two concerts showcased a range of musical genres including orchestral pieces, beginner music by Faber, rock numbers, movie and television show themes, traditional and modern rock and several classical numbers. There were even a few rifts from ACDC and Jack White to get the feet tapping.   

The powerful vocals of several soloists were awe-inspiring and it was lovely to see the performer’s joy in response to the appreciation shown by the audience.

Our thanks to our Music Tutors for their creative efforts and encouragement of our students. The gentle care that they give their pupils was clearly evident last night.

Thank you also to Mr John Collyer, SGCS Head of Creative Arts for coordinating the event.

Lastly thank you to the parents who encourage and support their children in their musical endeavours.