The Show Must Go On

HSC Showcase looks a little different in 2020 with Major Works being staged across a series of weeks rather than one night.

This week, our Year 12 Drama and Music students presented their Major Works to their peers and SGCS Staff. Whilst the audience may have been smaller, performances were as usual, passionate, edgy, insightful and at times simply sublime.

Four Drama students opened the show with a lip sync dance number to the One Direction song Drag Me Down. It seemed a fitting anthem for our Year 12 students who have had much to contend with in their final year of schooling.

Musical performances in bassoon, clarinet, drums, flute, guitar, and violin showcased the high level of talent within this cohort. These powerful performances took the audience to another place and was a reminder of how much we have missed live music.

The Drama Major Works showcased a collection of powerful Monologues. Each student delivered their Monologue in such a dramatic way that many in the audience were left with their heart in their mouth. Themes of marriage, motherhood, domestic violence, courtship, office life and the HSC itself, gave insight into these young adult’s views on life. It was very thought provoking.

Congratulations to our Drama and Music students for their memorable performances. Thank you also to their Teachers, Mrs Amy Canning and Mrs Jaala McDonell for their dedication.  Thank you also to Mr John Collyer for coordinating the event and to our wonderful Cafe12 Staff who served up a feast.  

Finally, congratulations also to the parents and families of these highly talented students.