The Science of Plants

Year 3 became “Junior Plant Scientist” for a day at the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney. They journeyed through the Botanic Garden on a guided walk, discovering the amazing world of plants and learning how scientist classify plants.  

After examining different types of seeds to determine their dispersal mechanisms, our students planted seeds to take back to school to conduct a life cycle investigation.  

Over the coming weeks they will observe the germination needs of Flannel Flower seeds. The excursion is linked to the “It’s Alive” science unit which Year 3 are currently studying.

Just across the road from the Royal Botanic Garden is the newly redeveloped Art Gallery of New South Wales. In the afternoon students enjoyed the art treasures of the Grand Gallery, played amongst the bookshelves in the new Childrens’ Library and explored the new “North Building”.

Report: Ms Farrah, Junior School Teacher and Librarian