Just Read

We aim to continue to build a reading culture in our SGCS community, so a day of reading for pleasure was held in Week 3 in Middle School.

Middle School dads were invited to breakfast with Paul Macdonald, master storyteller and owner of The Children’s Bookshop. Twenty dads enjoyed a delicious breakfast and a chat in Café 12 then settled into the Library Bay Room.

Reading for pleasure brings many benefits, both socially and academically. Middle School years are an important time for developing this habit. Screen time and busy days are a challenge to making this happen. Mr Macdonald discussed the important role dads can play in their children’s reading journey and looked at practical ways to encourage teenagers to become avid readers.  

Dads were encouraged to make time for reading, model a love of reading, and engage their children in conversations about books they are enjoying. He explored current reading trends and recommended some exciting new releases that dads and teens can enjoy together. 

Mr Macdonald then spoke to Year 7 and 8 students and staff, with a motivating and dynamic presentation about why reading is so important and what to look out for in fiction and non-fiction books this year. His book giveaways were popular and the students then had time to borrow books. Our shelves are emptying out as students enjoy library classes and library lunchtimes. 

Thank you to all the dads who attended the breakfast and to Mr Macdonald for continuing to support our School and encourage students and staff in the joy and benefits of reading.

(Story by Mrs Barbara Orrock, Teacher Librarian)