Ignite the Stage

Ignite the Stage certainly lived up to its name with exemplary performances from the Junior School cohort. There was singing, dancing, music, jump rope, a string performance, and several news reporters who should consider a career in journalism. The performances were interspersed with a prerecorded news stream, which gave cohesion to the diverse range of acts.

Mrs Nicole Finch, Head of Junior School said:

‘What you’ve seen tonight offers a glimpse into the dynamic learning experiences taking place in the Junior School classrooms on a regular basis. The class dances were taught as part of the dance curriculum this year; the masterpieces were created as part of the Visual Arts Curriculum and linked with other curriculum areas including English, HSIE and Maths; the Year 4 animations were created as part of the students’ IT lessons which gave the students an opportunity to experiment with multimedia in a new and innovative way. The Stomp Group and African Drumming were taught during their classroom Music lessons.

The Choir, Dance Troupes, and Jump Rope have been cocurricular activities. The singers are part of our music tutor program, the string ensemble was formed exclusively just for tonight’s performance, from string players just in Junior School, and Tim Wang (Year 5), well I think you’d all agree Tim is just an exceptional pianist for his age and so we wanted you to hear him play. A night like this doesn’t just happen without a lot of work, rehearsals, administration, and a great team.’

For many in the audience, it was their first time at the newly refurbished Sutherland Entertainment Centre, now known as the Pavilion. It was also the School’s first production at this venue. The finale featured the students singing ‘Old Church Choir’ by Zach Williams, which features the lyrics ‘here ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy‘. This song summed up the night well, a joyous atmosphere created by students and staff who simply gave their best.