I went the Zoo

On Monday 16th October, Kindergarten went on their first excursion to Symbio Zoo to consolidate their study of Awesome Animals in Science and Technology.

Excitement levels were high as the students arrived at school early and embarked on the bus. On arrival at Symbio Zoo, they were greeted by their Rangers for the day, who walked them around the zoo and taught them interesting facts about the animals.

The students were all very brave when they were given the opportunity to pat the very friendly snake ‘Sally’ and they loved being able to feed the greedy goats and the bouncy kangaroos and wallabies. Some of the students even fed the emus, holding the animal feed bag tightly while the emu bobbed its head into the bag to eat some of the hay!

It was a wonderful day and we had so much fun visiting Symbio Zoo.

Report by Mrs P. Wadds