Hamilton is a record-breaking, prize winning Musical based on the life of America’s founding father Alexander Hamilton. This musical masterpiece has been transformational to theatre through its presentation of history and to a score that blends hip-hop, jazz, R&B and Broadway.

During Term 1 Year 11 Modern History students studied the filmed version of the musical as part of a unit on Historical Representation. The students compared the ways in which the musical presented history, and the validity and accuracy of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s interpretation. As part of an assessment task, each student selected a song from the musical and made a judgment on its accuracy by comparing it to historical evidence they found through their own research.  

The opportunity to see a live performance of Hamilton was a perfect excuse to enjoy a night out at the Sydney Lyric Theatre.  Mrs Kate Holden, HSIE Teacher was very impressed with the Musical and said “by giving the students the opportunity to attend the live performance of a musical that we had studied in class enabled students to better reflect on the ways history can be interpreted and represented.

Hamilton is playing at the Sydney Lyric Theatre until mid-December 2021.