Exploring our Nation’s Capital

Last Wednesday and Thursday, Year 6 enjoyed an overnight excursion exploring our nation’s capital, Canberra. Students were immersed in hands-on learning at the Houses of Parliament, the War Memorial and the Institute of Sport.

At Parliament House, students had the opportunity to meet with our local Member of Parliament, The Hon. David Coleman MP. Parliament was sitting during our visit which allowed students to see the House of Representatives in action. Students also enjoyed participating in a role play of the law making process; pretending to be Members of Parliament, debating and voting on a new law. 

The War Memorial highlighted Australia’s rich military history and allowed students to grow in their appreciation for those who have served our country in war. After dinner, our group set off on a visit to Questacon which provided a range of hands-on science learning experiences.

Students learnt about Australia’s history of democracy on a visit to the Old Parliament House, and had an opportunity to sit in the seats of the Senate chamber. At the Australian Electoral Commission they explored how elections are conducted in Australia. To illustrate the process, students took part in a hands-on role play, in which they voted for their favourite fruit. They participated in the voting process and the process of counting the votes to determine the winning fruit.

To complete the trip, students visited the Australian Institute of Sport. They enjoyed a tour of the athlete training facilities and had fun participating in the interactive sports exhibits.