Exploring Engineering

UNSW run an annual work experience program to promote engineering career options to Year 10 students across New South Wales. The program runs for five days and gives students first-hand experience with engineering projects across six areas of the civil and environmental engineering fields including: coastal and port infrastructure; structures and design; construction and project management; water, wastewater, and environment; road, transport and underground; and surveying and geospatial engineering.

Sebastian Miani was successful in his application and attended the placement during May. Below is an account of his work experience:

This work experience course was very fun and interesting and gave me a good understanding of how many different engineering paths there are and what they are like. There were a lot of forms to complete, but it was worth it.

I met a lot of people, who like me, are interested in engineering. We had the opportunity to travel by train together for site visits and to the UNSW. I made several new friends over the course of the week.

My favourite events of the week were probably going to the massive construction sites and seeing how everything was being built. Attending a lecture in a skyscraper with amazing views was also a highlight.

On the last day all the groups came together for an assignment where we had to design and build a bridge out of straws, string, and sticky tape. My group’s bridge was the strongest as it held up a 1kg toy truck going across it and a 5kg one as well. It also looked the best and was of medium weight. Our entry won and receiving a $50 gift card was a bonus.

By being able to participate in this amazing opportunity, I have discovered what the field of engineering is like. I now have some insight into this career which I am very interested in pursuing and will consider working hard to pursue this dream. I am very grateful to the UNSW for offering me this opportunity.