Athletic Excellence

On Tuesday, 19 September, our SGCS athletes demonstrated the SGCS sports vision of “process before the outcome”. They all value trying to achieve their personal best in training first and foremost, which led to some exceptional results on the track. As a result of their mindset and grit, SGCS achieved the best results it has ever achieved, with 5 out of the 6 athletes who competed achieving podium results:

  • Rhema Adelaja
    • 1st 14yr Girls 200m – new CIS record
    • 1st 14yr Girls 100m
  • Keasi Diloi
    • 2nd 15yr Girls Shot Put
  • Dylan Lau
    • 3rd 14yr Boys Long Jump
  • Seb Miani
    • 1st 16yr Boys 400m
  • Kurt Michael
    • 2nd 16yr Boys High Jump

A special mention goes to Kiera Neilson and Zahra O’Shea. Keira competed in the middle of the day in over 35 degrees in the 1500m and finished first out of all the CSSA competitors. Zahra, unfortunately, injured her foot before the competition but is modifying her training to recover and come back stronger next time.

Congratulations to our students and their families and our PDPHE Staff.