Two of our talented Year 12 Visual Arts students have had their Bodies of Work selected for inclusion in ARTEXPRESS, as part of the 2023 HSC Showcase season. This is a testament to their exceptional artistic skills, creativity, and hard work throughout their time at our School.

Jax MacMillan’s Body of Work, ‘Birthing Masculinity From the Earth’, is comprised of three large paintings, using acrylic and aerosol paint on canvas. The works explore the synergy of manhood and the Australian land and display breathtaking and powerful images.

Elaine Zhang’s Body of Work, ‘Adherence’, is a series of watercolour paintings which explore conformity and portray the impacts of societal pressures on personal authenticity and identity. Each of Elaine’s artworks, skillfully and sensitively, explore a different aspect of the constraints of conformity, the diverse range of subject matter reflecting the various niches of society in which we strive to fit into.

Congratulations Jax and Elaine, on your exemplary HSC Bodies of Work.            

Details of exhibition venues and dates can be found on the ARTEXPRESS website: