Middle School Extension & Support

High Ability Students


We are proud of our innovative approach for high ability students which provides for:


A Differentiated Curriculum – Targeting Ability

Staff recognize that high ability students have minds that hunger to learn more and support them to develop the skills and attitudes to succeed at a level of challenge that maximizes growth and is on par with their advanced ability.


High ability students often have very specific learning needs and are supported to explore effective learning and study skills and to overcome barriers to achieving at their potential.


Excellence Groups – Targeting Talent

Our high ability students are challenged to develop beyond stage requirements in Excellence Groups which foster a variety of talents and where more advanced concepts and ideas are explored.


Students may be invited to join one of the following Excellence Groups:








Learning Support – Caring about Achievement


Flexibility and creativity are vital aspects of the dynamic learning support environment in the Middle School. Our Learning Support Staff add value to each student’s daily learning experience. They work cooperatively with classroom teachers to modify and differentiate learning experiences to ensure that individual needs are being met. This is combined with one on one support as well as small group intensive workshops to build and consolidate specific skills.


Student outcomes are monitored to track and improve academic, social and behavioural skills.


Homework Club, held weekly, allows students to be given additional support by familiar teachers and to learn study skills, homework procedures and engage in brain stretching techniques.


Students with identified learning difficulties are specifically supported in assessment and examination tasks, allowing them to achieve to the best of their ability thereby supporting personal development and increasing confidence during these critical years.