• A History of SGCS in 40 Objects

A History of SGCS in 40 objects

A unique perspective of the history of St George Christian School told through objects of significance.
In celebration of our 40th Anniversary in 2021, we asked our community to nominate an object that represented SGCS.
This virtual exhibition is a curated, eclectic list of 40 objects that tell the story of SGCS.
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SGCS Thankfullness cards
St George Christian School Robotics
SGCS Support
Infants Bell
Adventure Land
St George Christian School Jump Rope
SRA Reading Laboratory Kit
ST George Christian School Values
St George Christian School Chapel
SGCS Gallipoli Centenary Tour Uniform
SGCS Monroe
Apple Macintosh LC III
Cuisenaire Rod

SGCS Admissions
St George Christian School Hockey
SGCS Beauty and the Beast
SGCS Infants Book Parade
The Golden Tapestry
SGCS Year Books
SGCS Infants Building Plaque
Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

SGCS Middle School Uniforms