Year 5 Leadership Day

Our Year 5 Leadership Day saw students completing challenges and playing games that encouraged communication, determination and cooperation.

Mr Jeremy Watts, 5W Teacher explained:

Students were tasked with creating a boat using just a few materials. The boat needed to float and, ideally, be able to support the weight of marbles.

Another task was pretending to be stranded on a deserted island. Students had to choose three items from a list, to be able to survive and seek rescue. First, they chose these items individually, then joined a small group that had to agree on which items they would take. A lot of compromise and persuasive skills were required!

Mrs Mollie Wisniewski, 5M Teacher said: 

One of the student’s favourite activities was the ‘tower challenge’ where they had ten minutes to build the tallest tower. They could use only 5 pieces of paper and masking tape. It was incredible to see how high they could build a paper tower.

The Leadership Day wasn’t just all about challenges and games, throughout the day students investigate what the Bible says about godly leadership.