Write What You Love

During the last week of term, author, comedian and teacher, Oliver Phommavanh, returned to SGCS for a series of one-hour workshops with each of our year groups in Junior School.

Once again, Oliver’s lively, comedic performance triggered tears of laughter, howls of outrage and much amusement as he imparted words of wisdom on writing, inspiration and ideas on building a following. He engaged with the students through a series of lively activities which included Truth and Lie, your autobiography in 14 words and character stereotypes through drawings.

Oliver is well known for his stand-up comedy and for his engaging books which include: Thai-riffic!Con-nerdPunchlines, Thai-no-mite, Ethan in Stuff Happens and The Other Christy. Oliver’s next book will be What About Thao is due for release in May 2022. His passion for writing about what you love and know was imbued throughout the series of workshops.

Our students were challenged to consider everyday interactions as potential storytelling material and how a little rethinking can change words like homework to homeFUN.