Wonder Win

Congratulations to Elektra J. and Iris Q. (Year 4) for their outstanding achievement in placing in the top 5 in 9-11 year age category for the Wonder League Robotics Competition, MakeWonder. The competition involves a series of coding challenges with an invitational round for the finals. The 2019/2020 competition involved 8400 students from 91 countries.

Elektra and Iris commenced in October 2019, when they joined with twenty-one SGCS students to compete in the Wonder League Robotics Competition, MakeWonder using Dash Robots. All teams had to complete 5 robotic missions before Christmas and submit their entries to gain a place in the invitational rounds which were held in March and April 2020.

Five SGCS Teams were invited to participate in the finals. The competition continued throughout the COVID-19 crisis, with the students frantically working after school before collaborating online to complete their final submissions.

In the final challenge round, Elektra and Iris were required to program a robot to move around a course and solve a problem. They used design and computational thinking skill to complete the challenge. The girls also created a backstory as to why their Dash Robot had to complete the challenge. Their storytelling abilities also impressed the judges.

Elektra and Iris received a very generous bounty for their efforts including almost $400 worth of merchandise and their own personal CUE robot.

Image: Elektra and Iris with their Coach, Mrs Karen Binns, ICT Teacher and SGCS Robotics Coordinator