Window to the World

Jeannie Baker is an author and artist, world famous for her collage illustrations and concern for the natural environment.

During Term 3, Year 4 students undertook an integrated English and Visual Arts unit based on her work. The children studied several books written and illustrated by Jeannie Baker, including Where the Forest Meets the Sea, Window, Circle and The Hidden Forest.   

As part of their Visual Arts studies the students created different collages based on themes identified in the author’s books. They created pictures with various perspectives using different types of material to build texture. 

To conclude the unit of study the students created their own collage based on a scene or experience that they valued. The subject matter was wide ranging, reflecting students’ creativity and experience. They included mountain scenes, rainbows, soccer games, and views from the bedroom window. The images were each framed in a window in an acknowledgement of one of Jeannie Baker’s most popular books, Window.