What’ll Happen to the Wattle?

SGCS has been selected to take part in “What’ll Happen to the Wattle?”, a STEM program by the One Giant Leap Australia Foundation. The Foundation is working with the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) with support from the Australian Space Agency to send native golden wattle seeds to the International Space Station to investigate the impact of space travel on plants.   

Once the wattle seeds return from space, they will be distributed to 150 Australian schools for planting by students, alongside wattle seeds that did not travel through space. The project will be integrated into our Year 9 Stem Program.

Congratulations to the SGCS Team, Mrs Karen Binns, Mrs Michelle Blight, Ms Kathryn Chalker and Miss Rebekah Gordon for their successful proposal. 

A story about SGCS’s involvement in the project was recently published in the local newspaper, The Leader. Click here to read more.