Wading into Shorebird Protection

The Australian Curriculum places emphasis on sustainability as a priority for study that connects and relates relevant aspects of content across learning areas and subjects.

During Term 2, Year 3 students at St George Christian School completed an educational unit in English and Visual Arts with a focus on conservation and the protection of migratory shorebirds.

The students undertook speaking, listening, reading and writing tasks in response to the acclaimed picture book, The Circle by Jeannie Baker. The book tells the story of the migratory journey of the Bar-Tailed Godwit. (The Bar-Tailed Godwit makes the longest known non-stop migration of any bird, carrying out an 11.500 kilometer southward migration from Alaska to the Australian east coast without stopping.)

The students also learnt how art can be used for social change. The Year 3 students created their own flock of shorebirds to draw attention to the plight of migratory birds that visit our local waterways.

Each student adorned their shorebird with paint and an element of rubbish such as twine, fishing line, plastic straws and lids. These items represented the impact of humans on the shorebird habitats and gave the students pause to consider ways in which their own habits can affect the environment.

Mrs Koula Athos, Year 3 Teacher said:

The children were really excited about creating their own shorebird from templates supplied by Flock Oz. Involving the students in a visual arts project was a really practical way of demonstrating how they can make changes on an individual level. Many of the students expressed much surprise when they connected the timber cutout to the birds they had actually seen on Botany Bay.

The students’ flock of shorebirds will temporarily nest at the Hazelhurst Arts Centre during the Overwintering Art Exhibition from 8 September to 18 September 2018 which also features the work of eight printmakers from Southern Sydney.

A story about the project featured in our local newspaper The Leader:

St George Christian School wades into protection for shorebirds


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