The Power of Paper

Our Middle School

Our Middle School Excellence Groups seek to foster a variety of talent and allows students to explore advanced concepts and ideas. During 2019, the Artists Excellence Group learnt new skills and grew in their appreciation of Art in its many forms as well as producing several art works. As the year draws to a close, they celebrated their learning with a visit to the Hazelhurst Arts Centre to explore the Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award for 2019.

This Award aims to promote artists working with paper. The Exhibition is recognised nationally as one of the most significant for this medium.  

This year, Hazelhurst received entries from over 800 artists from throughout Australia. The Exhibition showcased the versatility of paper and included two dimensional works, sculpture and mixed-media.

Our students enjoyed a guided tour and had the opportunity to do some small sketches of the works. It was wonderful to see such a variety of works. During the visit the students were thrilled to bump into artist Kerry Toomey, who won The People’s Choice Award. Ms Toomey kindly spoke to our students about her work, Mundhuii, a mixed medium work that features 30 individual pieces made from tissue and culturally significant items. What a memorable experience for these students.

Thank you Ms Toomey for your time and generosity and the Hazelhurst Arts Centre for an exceptional Exhibition.