The Physicality of Drama

Performing onstage can be very physically and mentally taxing. Drama students need to be physically fit, as even a monologue, requires the actor to stand on stage for the entire duration of the performance. Working in an ensemble also requires focus and strength especially if the performance involves physicality.

In mid-May, Drama students in Years 10-12 participated in an incursion with Swoop Physical Theatre.  The workshop titled Group Devising Physicality, focussed on teaching students the basics of acrobalance, a floor-based acrobatic art that involves balances, lifts and creating shapes performed in pairs or groups.

Mrs Jaala McDonald, SGCS Drama Teacher said:

Students had a lot of fun, working in groups to create different shapes and levels with their bodies. It was great to see students challenging themselves during the workshop and exploring ways in which they could use these new-found skills to create a physically and visually exciting performance using their bodies.