The Hour is Now for Reading

Our third annual Reading Hour saw 130 people meet in the SGCS Library to celebrate the approach of Book Week.

Junior School students and their parents relished the opportunity to spend time reading together. They also enjoyed the read aloud session by Mrs Kyle Farah, Junior School Librarian. Mrs Farah read ‘Amelia Ellicott’s Garden’ and a funny chapter from the book, ‘The Giraffe, Pelly and Me’.

Mrs Barbara Orrock, SGCS Librarian, said

This event really reinforces the benefits of reading and taking time to learn, grow, escape and relax together.  It is encouraging to see our parents come back each year.

Reading is powerful. It has been shown to be foundational to success in learning across all subject areas. Reading for pleasure has a positive impact on concentration, resilience, empathy, kindness, a sense of community and mental and emotional well-being. The Reading Hour hopes to encourage mums and dads to enjoy reading aloud with their children each day. We emphasised that there is no age limit! Children who can read independently still enjoy and benefit from listening to their favourite adults read to them. They enjoy the stories and the discussions that go with them and the sense of closeness and affection.