The Band Went Over the Mountains

Our SGCS Concert Band and Stage Band recently took to the road to visit and perform at four schools west of Sydney.

The 30 band members represented year groups from Years 6-11. The band tour included performances, workshops and the acquisition of roadie skills as the tour required four set ups and packs ups, all in different locations.The tour was also an opportunity for the band to bond and grow together as they performed to new audiences.

The tour included visits to The Lakes Christian College, Burrabadine Christian Community School, Wellington Christian School and Wellington Public School, as well as a visit to the Western Plains Zoo.

Miss Amy Howes said:

This was such an amazing experience for the band members, to see how music can bring joy to students who do not get to see full concert and stage bands very often, if at all.

It was encouraging to see the students engage with their audiences and work together as a team during performances as well as in the set up and pack up stages.

A huge thank-you to John Collyer, Trish Allum, Grace Leung and Mark Brown for keeping the kids safe, and morale high as we travelled Western Sydney together.