Taking up the Challenge

October 2019

During the Spring vacation, several SGCS students travelled to Melbourne to compete in the RoboCupJr Australia National Championships.

Our National Robotics Team included the following students:

Year 7: Jake Bedford, Edmond Cheng, Cameron Daly, Ben Pinguinha and Samit Roka 

Year 9; Leo Airey, Johnson Chen, Hannah Kernohan and Andrew Lindner 

Year 10: Jessica Chi, Rohan Daly, Li Hong Liu, Harrison Marcourt and Daniel Zwanink

Year 11: Timothy Chanata, Liam Nacson and Tommy Ramsay

Mrs Karen Binns, SGCS Robotics Coordinator said:

In order to challenge themselves, many students in our Robotics team changed disciplines and entered different competition leagues. Although we did not achieve our usual high results, overall we were pleased that our students are keen to take up new challenges and push themselves in their learning. 

The staff and parents who travelled with the students were impressed at the way our students conducted themselves ‘in the heat of battle’ and kept going when faced with the various challenges throughout the competition. Robots never behave the way that they should and this competition was no different.

RoboCupJr Australia National Championships – SGCS Results

6th        Rescue Maze: MazeBot by Daniel Zwanink

9th       Open Rescue: WeCanDoIt by Hannah Kernohan and Rohan Daly

4th        Secondary Rescue:  Alpha Rex by Jake Bedford and Ben Pinguinha 

14th      Secondary Rescue: RomBots by Leo Airey, Johnson Chen, Andrew Lindner and Vincent Wong (unable to attend)

16th        Secondary Rescue: Second by Edmond Cheng, Cameron Daly and Samit Roka

Our two @Home teams, SGCS @Home 1 and SGCS @Home 2 came 2nd and 3rd respectively. These students will have the opportunity to apply to go to RoboCup International Championships in Bordeaux, France in 2020.

Congratulations to the following students.

[email protected]:  Timothy Chanata, Liam Nacson and Tommy Ramsay

[email protected]:  Jessica Chi, Li Hong Liu, Harrison Marcourt and Leo Airey

Thank you to the families who journeyed to Melbourne to support our Robotics Team.

Our deepest gratitude to Miss Ashley Kasper (Alumni) also attended the competition, supported our students and worked tirelessly as a judge for the weekend.

Special thanks to Mr Wilson Cheng and Mrs Adrienne Erwin for their assistance in training, competing and challenging students to think outside the box.