Sweet Way To Scientific Skills

Year 6 students are having a delicious time designing their very own flavour of gelato.

The design challenge forms part of a Science unit titled, Working Scientifically, Design and Production.

Students recently made ice cream in a bag as a way of learning about states of matter – changes from liquids to solids and compounds/mixtures – how some materials when mixed create a new substance. Students also gained an understanding of the effect of heat and cold in changing the state of materials when creating or modifying foods or flavours.

During the term, students will conduct market research to gain an understanding of their target audience and eventually present their new flavours to an industry professional for assessment.

This Gelato Project introduces Year 6 to scientific principles and encourages scientific thinking. This includes taking an ordered and logical approach to problem solving and scientific designs, which prepares students for fair testing and the scientific method.

Our Year 6 students recently visited the company Pure Gelato to learn more about gelato making and be inspired for their own future creations.

Miss Erwin, Middle School Teacher reported: 

An anticipated arrival at Pure Gelato led Year 6 to wonder when the tasting would take place! The staff kindly answered all our questions about flavours, processes and yummy ingredients. As we toured the production area, students had the opportunity to help make some scrumptious chocolate gelato! To top it off, students selected their desired flavour of gelato to enjoy!

A simply delicious excursion.