Stand Strong

What are the key truths that you have held onto as you have journeyed through life?

Our recent Junior School Musical, “Stand Strong”, reflected what it means to stand up for God in a society that is often in direct conflict with God’s ways. The Musical, based on the first six chapters of the book of Daniel in the Bible, demonstrated faithfulness even to the point of death. (Daniel was thrown to the lions for refusing to renounce God).

The story was brought to life by our talented Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 students, who gave it their all, performing big musical numbers, swirling dances, sparkling gymnastics and jump rope, and dramatic  acting. Daniel B. showed an incredible maturity and talent in the lead role of Daniel. The students all learnt a bounty of fabulous songs, with several written by our very talented Junior School teachers Mrs Megan Blight and Mrs Vanessa Cottam-Hanson.  Several students gave solo performances, some singing publically for the first time!

Humorous cameos by Mr James Honor, Principal and Mr Rob Archer, SGCS Sports Teacher, delighted the audience and performers alike. Several Junior School staff displayed some hidden talents with Miss Gordon choreographing all the small group dances, Mr Joshua Scott directing music and several staff members relishing the opportunity to play some very fearsome lions.

The costumes and props, made by our large team of parent volunteers, the music, performed by the talented band of friends and family, and the fabulous screen backdrops sourced by Mrs Karen Binns, brought the show to life. A special mention to Mrs Lauren Waterworth for the choreography of the incredible big musical dance numbers.

The Musical, directed and written by the wonderful and ever-enthusiastic Mrs Vanessa Cottam-Hanson was a story for our times. A call to stand strong and hold fast to our great God and Lord and Saviour despite opposition. Few in the audience remained unmoved as this amazing cohort of children powerfully exhorted the eternal truths of the great I AM.

Our deepest thanks to all staff and volunteers for their role, whether large or small, in presenting this year’s Junior School Musical, ‘Stand Strong’.